Disability Aid Abroad is managed on a daily basis
by its Chairman and Director, John Coghlan.

A voluntary Board of Directors meets quarterly to oversee
our work. Currently our Directors are:

Mrs Andrea Brown
Ms Carolyn Lavery
Ms Angela Hutchinson

Our accounts are prepared externally by
Murphy Stewart and Co (NI) LTD


1 thought on “Governance


    I am inspired with what you are doing , it is real too good for the people with disabilities . the big challenges which face our fellow. the media has forgotten them as we know that media has the power to change the socety.

    i am from Tanzania, after realizing that our media has forgotten disabled people i decide to initiate the organization of Disabled Information which deal with reporting about people with disabilities in order to awareness for changing negative altitude of society toward people with disabilities such as killing albino.
    I would like to request our organization to among of you partners.
    Executive Chairperson
    Organization of Disabled Information


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